Classic Porsche 964 Maintenance Schedule

Red Classic Porsche 964

Engine Oil Every 10,000 miles or 1 year
Spark Plugs Every 15,000 miles
Air Filter Every 40,000 miles or every four years
Coolant Every 40,000 miles or four years
Brake Fluid Every 20,000 miles


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When Should I Schedule Maintenance for My Classic Porsche 964?

A special car requires special care. Your classic Porsche 964 is a piece of history that can be properly preserved when given the right maintenance. In order to preserve your vehicle, we recommend that you follow the above maintenance schedule.

At Porsche Ontario, our top priority is keeping drivers in the best version of their classic luxury car. Our service technicians take part in extensive training to understand best practices and techniques for classic car care, a step that ensures we can provide exactly what your classic Porsche needs. We understand that your Classic Porsche 964 is an investment, and our team is here to help you keep your car in peak condition for many miles to come.

Following the manufacturer recommended service intervals will not only help preserve your classic Porsche, but it will help prevent any unexpected damages down the road. Intervals are created with your specific mechanics in mind to ensure they undergo a refresh when most needed. With oil changes and air filter replacement aiding in proper engine performance or brake fluid and spark plugs aiding in handling, these maintenance intervals are crucial in enjoying your vehicle.

Classic Porsche 964 Service in Ontario

The team at Porsche Ontario is here to help with all of your Classic Porsche 964 maintenance needs. We look forward to helping you maintain the quality and luxury of your prized car. You can easily schedule a service appointment online to get started. With any further questions do not hesitate to contact us online.

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