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Where Can I Return My Porsche Lease?

Porsche Lease Return Center

Whether you plan on taking the reins of a new Porsche, financing your current Porsche upon lease end, or returning your lease and moving on, our Porsche Lease Return Center serving Ontario and Los Angeles is here to help you prepare for the road ahead.

Visit us or contact Porsche Ontario, your local Porsche Lease Return Center to explore your lease-end options which include:

  • Buy or lease a new Porsche
  • Finance the Porsche you’ve been leasing
  • Return the lease

Read on to learn more about each option.

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Porsche Lease Pull-Ahead Program

Each year, we innovate our Porsche lineup to match the latest breakthroughs in performance engineering and transportation technology. In turn, many Porsche lessees seek to renew their automotive lifestyle with a new Porsche lease.

For returning lessees interested in leasing a new Porsche, we offer to waive up to 12 months of payments under our Porsche Ontario End of Term Lease Loyalty Program. Combined with our exclusive, year-round Porsche lease specials, leasing a new Porsche never seemed more enticing.


  • Eligible customers must lease or finance a new model year Porsche
  • Payments waived are determined by the customer’s existing vehicle (model year and model type)
  • Term of existing PFS lease agreement must be equal to or greater than 24 months
  • Past due payments are not eligible and will not be waived

Existing PFS Contract Vehicle Eligibility and Program Benefits

Term (Months) Model Year Model Payments Waived
24 months & above MY17  Cayenne Models Up to 12
24 months & above MY17 718 (Mid Engine) & Macan Models Up to 6
24 months & above MY18 All Models Up to 6
24 months & above MY19 718 (Mid Engine) & 911 Models Up to 12
24 months & above MY19 Panamera, Macan, & Cayenne Models Up to 6
24 months & above All MY All Models Up to 3*

*Available when leasing or financing any model year New or PACPO Porsche through PFS

Finance Your Current Porsche at Lease End

Each mile you spent savoring your Porsche is distinctly yours. Should you wish to stay on track with the Porsche that delivered you years of reliable, engaging performance into each hairpin turn and out onto the straightaway, we welcome you to finance your current Porsche lease.

Return Your Porsche Lease

You will hear from a Porsche lease-end specialist to go over your options 90 days out from your contract maturity date. If you seek to get behind the wheel of a new Porsche, now is the time to begin tracking down your next model from our new Porsche inventory.

At 60 days out from your lease-end, we will help you schedule an optional, but complimentary pre-return inspection to notify you of chargeable excess wear. You must make repairs at an authorized Porsche dealer and provide us the receipt before returning your vehicle to waive the charges.

Contact your authorized Porsche dealer 30 days before your lease-end to schedule your return. Remember to return all accessories that originally came with your Porsche, including your extra set of keys and your owner’s manual.

Porsche Lease Return FAQs

Q: Can I Return a Leased Car to Any Dealership?
A: You can return your leased Porsche to any authorized Porsche dealership, like Porsche Ontario.

Q: Will Porsche Financial Services contact me before the end of my lease?
A: Yes, you will receive information from Porsche Financial Services at 180 days, 90 days, and 60 days prior to the lease return date.

Q: What is my lease maturity date?
A: The lease maturity date is the date your Porsche is due to be returned to an authorized dealership such as Porsche Ontario. On this date you’ll also have the option to purchase your current leased vehicle. Details of the lease maturity date are found in your lease agreement or extension agreement if applicable.

Q: What happens if I went over my allotted mileage?
A: You will be charged any mileage in excess of the allotted mileage agreed to at lease signing. The best place to find detailed information regarding mileage charges is your lease agreement.

Q: What should I bring when returning my leased Porsche vehicle?
A: Bring all key fobs and owner’s manuals, and please remove all options and accessories.


If you have any questions about the Porsche lease-return process, please contact us at Porsche Ontario serving Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Chino Hills, Walnut, and beyond.

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* Available when leasing or financing any model year New or PACPO Porsche through PFS. Contracted term on existing PFS lease agreement must be 24 months or above to be eligible for the program. Single Pay Lease Agreements are not eligible. Customers whose payments are greater than $2,500 (net of use tax) are eligible to receive the $2,500 maximum. Payment amounts above the maximum must be paid including any applicable use tax on the amount paid. Only one EOTLLP offer per eligible PFS account. Vehicles must meet the standard PFS vehicle eligibility requirements of the PFS Lease/Retail Finance Program as applicable and/or the specific vehicle eligibility requirements of the finance or lease program utilized.

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