Buying vs Leasing A Porsche

Is Leasing or Financing Right for You?

Are you interested in buying or leasing your next new powerful Porsche vehicle? This can seem like a daunting task but you’re in good hands at Porsche Ontario. Our financing team can provide the perfect advice on how to drive off in that shiny new Porsche vehicle you’ve always dreamed of, whether it be via a lease or loan.

No matter which path you’d prefer to take, our seasoned Porsche finance team can ease all of your concerns and help you navigate the leasing or car-buying process from start to finish.

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Why Buy A New Porsche?

Do you want something that’s yours and yours alone? Talk to our professional advisors about purchasing a new Porsche vehicle. Opting to buy means you own the vehicle once it is paid off in full and can customize your new ride any way you see fit. Unlike a lease, there are no mileage restrictions to worry about and you can sell your vehicle whenever you plan to move on.

There are some factors to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. You’ll often need to pay substantial fees upfront regarding monthly payments and will experience a higher rate of depreciation from the get-go than those who decide to lease. You will also be responsible for any service or repairs your vehicle requires once its warranty expires.

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Why Lease A Porsche?

If you’re hoping to hit the road in a sleek new Porsche right away, then leasing may be the right choice for you. Leasing a vehicle enables you to enjoy the freedom of a new ride without being bogged down by pricey ownership fees or hefty monthly payments and interest. The Porsche dealership will still technically be the owner of the vehicle and may cover some routine maintenance and service. When your Porsche lease ends, you can easily return it to the dealership, purchase it, or upgrade to a brand new Porsche model–the choice is yours.

Leasing a vehicle does come with some stringent guidelines. Exceeding mileage restrictions and excessive wear and use of your leased Porsche can incur extra fees. You’ll also be responsible for any additional charges should you choose to end the lease early.

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