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A classic Porsche is an investment, one that the team of Porsche Ontario is committed to helping you care for. The exterior of your classic vehicle offers iconic style that requires customized care. To help preserve your classic Porsche, we encourage you to take a proactive approach to your vehicle’s care.

To help you preserve your vehicle, our service center offers Porsche Dry Ice Blasting. This service pushes dry ice at your vehicle, which then converts to gas as it hits the targeted area. When the ice makes contact it turns into a gas expanding across the blasted area. This explosion gently cleans problem areas, lifting dirt and grime in the process.

Benefits of Porsche Dry Ice Blasting

Porsche Dry Ice Blasting offers a gentle way to clean your vehicle. With a classic Porsche, it is vital to pay special attention to maintaining the paint job, frame, and mechanics of your car and this cleaning is able to do just that.

This cleaning method provides a gentle solution that traditional abrasive cleaning lacks. The non-abrasive approach helps preserve your mechanics and exterior, ensuring you’re car is protected from wear down or damage in cleaning. Dry Ice Blasting can help target dirt, grime, and other contaminants from even the toughest to reach places. Additionally, this provides a chemical free approach to Porsche cleaning.

We encourage you to schedule a Dry Ice Blasting service with Porsche Ontario to help get your vehicle squeaky clean. Our team of Porsche experts will ensure your luxury vehicle remains in the best shape possible.

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Porsche Ontario is your go to place for classic Porsche care near Los Angeles. As a Porsche Classic Partner, our team is well equipped to provide your vehicle with customized care. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us online.

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