Porsche Roadside Assistance Near Me

2021 Porsche Panamera on the side of the road.


Having a peace of mind while you drive is essential. The Porsche brand understands that and it’s why with the purchase or lease of any new Porsche model our customers will receive the Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance program. This roadside assistance program lasts the duration of your Porsche Limited Warranty coverage. Porsche Ontario customers will have peace of mind, every time they drive they are backed by the Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance program.

Regardless of the time or day of the week, drivers can call 1-800-Porsche and receive emergency service and benefits anywhere in the United States and Canada. If you need help, please call 1-800-Porsche and we will be happy to assist.

What Does Porsche Roadside Assistance Cover?

  • Battery Jump Start: If your Porsche can’t start, don’t worry. An authorized servicer will come to your location and “jump start” your vehicle. If your Porsche cannot be started, you will be provided towing service subject to the Emergency Towing guidelines.
  • Flat Tire Service: If you have a flat tire and are stranded, proper towing equipment will come to you. You can recieve transport to the nearest authorized Porsche service center, like Porsche Ontario for a repair.
  • Emergency Fuel Delivery: Running out of fuel can be extremely stressful, but stay calm. The Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance program can deliver you complimentary fuel so you can make it to the next gas station.
  • Lockout Service: In the case of your keys being locked inside your Porsche either call your authorized Porsche center or Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance to make arrangements to get you a spare key or transport your Porsche to the center.
  • Replacement Keys: If your ignition key is broken, lost, or locked inside your vehicle, a replacement key can be obtained from the nearest authorized Porsche center. The cost of the replacement key and/or labor is not covered by the Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance program.
  • Extrication/Winch Service: In the unfortunate event your Porsche is stranded in a ditch, snow, sand, or mud, assistance can be provided to extract your vehicle. If your vehicle is in an area immediately adjacent to a regularly traveled road that can be serviced with standard servicing equipment, we can help.
  • Trip Interruption: In the case your vehicle breaks down or malfunctions 100 miles from your home, you could qualify for reimbursement of trip interruption expenses. You’re covered if your vehicle cannot start or drive without causing damage to your vehicle and the local Porsche Center cannot fix the issue the same day. This coverage would include reimbursement of meals, lodging, car rental, and alternative transportation.

Porsche Roadside Assistance for Ontario Drivers

If you have any questions about the Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance program, please contact us online. At Porsche Ontario we are proud to serve all of our Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Chino Hills, Upland, and Walnut Porsche drivers.

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